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Along With The Books of Spring There Is A New Message...

The Four Books of Spring

    These four short books, which are on the site, deal with strong and startling statements concerning the revival that is coming to the Church. The revival is not a maybe or could be but is a will be. Read these four books and see whether you and perhaps your church could be a place where the revival will start and equip those that will be a part in other places. Or perhaps, you will read the Books of Spring and see yourself as the starter of a group that the books allude to. You can receive copies of the Books of Spring by writing to us at These copies will be sent at no charge.

   Which ever way; read, pray, act. We hope that you will do all three, Bill and Barbara Bomar and ROP Ministries.

 Click the title above to go directly to the books.

The Church should be the strongest organization on the earth yet we find it weak and at times, helpless. This is not the fault or shortness of power from God but a failure of the Church to call on all the power that is given from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Often the reason is "peace at any price". The Church refuses to rise up and reject the laws and trends that prevail in today's culture. The Church has conceded point after point as a conquered land concedes territory to the conquering foe. The land is overcome and the area of the conquered land becomes smaller and smaller. More freedoms, rights, and traditions are given away to the conquering foe. As is said..."The fate of the weak is the will of the strong." This is as it will be as long as the Church gives ground to our adversary, Satan. We must make a firm stand and resist. When we do, God will strengthen us.

Listen to the sermon "Taking Things Back" and see if you are ready to cry out "No More Concessions". It is written...resist the devil and he will flee.

              Taking Things Back


Our Mission

   Resurrection of Peace Ministries is a multifaceted straight forward ministry. Our main ministry areas are within the Church serving and reviving the saved. We, being led by the Spirit, preach and teach to bring the individual believer and the Church back into a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ through the "More Than Saviour" lessons. We also work to develop stronger ad nd more spiritual families through the "God Centered Life" and individual marriages through the lessons of "One Plus One Equals One".

   To the individual or family, we also reach out to those that need help with groceries, gas, utilities, medicine, transportation, and more. There are many that do not have a Church family or a relationship with a Pastor or Priest yet they feel that need at a time of illness or crisis such as accident or death. We respond to this need and do all the we can to help those that call out. We visit the hospital or home, we offer prayers and comfort, and we share Jesus to what extent that we can and any measure that we can share Jesus is more than was possibly there before. We, as Jesus, must look at the immediate or crisis need and minister according to the needs in order of priority for the individual and family. We see this example in Jesus' handling of the woman caught in adultery. That story is found in John 8:1-11.

Our Purpose

   Believing the Church as a whole is in great need of revival, we pray for guidance to have the opportunities to minister to congregations, groups, families, and individuals. Our ministry is not denominationally aligned or supported. Therefore we are free to minister in any Church that proclaims Jesus as Saviour. We believe that revival must begin in the heart of the individual believer and then spread through out the Church. We strive, through preaching and teaching, to bring the single believer into a dynamic and thriving relationship with Jesus. If that happens, the revival will spread through the entire congregation one heart at a time.

The End Result

   As you read this, please do not think that salvation takes a second place to revival. Jesus came that the world might be given the opportunity of salvation and mercy. Without salvation, none of us have any chance or hope about eternity. But so much of the Church is mired in the traditions and form and function of having church that salvation is seldom presented in a way that is understandable to the soul that is searching. If we can be used of God to bring about revival within the Church, then the natural outflow of a Spirit led congregation is evangelism. We will want to share what Jesus has done in saving us from what we have earned and given us what we could never earn...eternity in Paradise as with the thief on the cross next to Jesus (Luke 23:39-43).

   Revival is so needed. Without it, the Church is being held back from fulfilling what Jesus told us in Matthew 28:19..."...go and make them disciples  of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,".

   With revival the Church will have the Power to be His witnesses..." Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8 NIV)


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